Free Camping in Ontario

Don’t spend $30-40 a night to camp and pay extra for firewood when you can get it all for free?

Surrounded by Beautiful Trees - Amazing Views of Rolling Landscape, Lakes or Rivers

These are real sites to get out and camp.
Sites for RV’s, Trailer’s, and Tents

Absolutely No Fees of any kind Guaranteed
Don’t pay for firewood
Beautiful Lakefront and Riverfront Locations are always available
Enjoy all the activities of a regular campground plus many more
Private locations
Set up for a Weekend or for Weeks
Liquor, Gas and Convenience Stores are located close by

In Your Camping Guide:
• Maps to Beautiful Established Campsites
• Family Activity Guide
• Local Plants and Trees Identification
• Camping Tips
• Camping Checklist
• Edible Plants that you will actually find and enjoy!
• How to Identify Animal Tracks
• Campfire Activities and Games
• Wilderness Survival Tips

Activities :
Swimming - Canoeing - ATV Trails - Hiking - Fishing - Kayaking - Biking - Berry Picking

I have been camping in Ontario, Canada for free over the past 6 years.
This guide allows you to do the same.
Get away for a few days or a few weeks absolutely free.
Learn local knowledge of the plants and animals.
The guide includes edible plants you can identify and pick on your own.

This guide is great reading while on your camping trip.
Teach your kids about the world of the great outdoors.
Get away from everything modern and get in touch with nature.

The Guide to Free Camping is Only $14.99

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