Calling all Cleaners! Experience or No Experience

Company Description:

All interested candidates please respond via email to:
Please indicate the position you are applying for, a range of your salary expectations and describe by cover letter your experience matched to key responsibilities as listed in the posted opportunity.

Job Description:

Come and join a great cleaning company! 
We are looking for energetic and enthusiastic people: 

1. One person to work full time day time hours
2. A cleaning team (2 people) to work part time in the evenings for 10 - 20 hours/ week
3. Evening Cleaner to work part time in the evenings for 16 - 25 hours/ week
Please indicate which position you are interested in applying for. 

You need to have a professional appearance, track record of reliability and have experience as a residential or commercial cleaner.

If you do not have any experience, please expect  to start at $12/hour and be enrolled in a full training program to teach you the skills and standards required for the position.

Please reply with the following:

1. Describe how many years of residential and/or commercial cleaning experience you have.
2. Do you have a vehicle and/or the ability to navigate on time using Calgary Transit services?
3. What is your expectation of pay? (Hourly rate)
4. Are you looking for full time work during the day, or part time in the evenings?

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